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  • Soaring to Victory by BlackFalcon [Fiction T] April 16, 2014
    After coming home from Unova, Ash receives a mysterious parcel from Skyla, the Flying-type Gym Leader of Mistralton City. Find out what was in it, and how it affects Ash's decision on what to do next.
  • The Haunting Of Dinkley Hall by Mysteryfan1 [Fiction K+] March 19, 2014
    When Velma inherits her family's ancestral home in England, she ends up living there, of course at the same time she just happens to stumble upon a mystery involving one of her own ancestors. Some minor Shaggy/Velma moments throughout.
  • One Love, One Heart by awesomegamer919 [Fiction T] January 20, 2014
    After returning from Sinnoh, Ash finds himself reunited with May, Misty, and Drew. During his time with them, Ash will find himself struggling with feelings for May and start a heated rivalry with Drew, however, their problems don't stop there. An unknown force will emerge that will test the bonds between the four and most importantly, how far Ash will
  • Guardian of the Indigo Plateau by BlackFalcon [Fiction T] January 7, 2014
    Ash, Zoroark (Zoe), Zorua (Zack), Zane (Ash and Zoe’s son), Pikachu, Cilan, Iris, and Alexa (a reporter from the Kalos region) return home to Pallet Town from the Decolore Islands to learn that Team Rocket has destroyed the Indigo Plateau. What happens next?
  • Time's Changes by BlackFalcon [Fiction M] December 31, 2013
    Ash returns to Pallet Town after being gone for six years, and Misty is with him after being gone for three years. How has the time changed them and why are they back?
  • A Forbidden Love between Siblings by Penguin Emperor [Fiction MA] August 18, 2013
    After a night of passion, Ash and Alexis enter a relationship that is difficult to hide. Especially after Alexis gets pregnant... Rated M for INCEST and sexual content.
  • The Night Before Wallace Cup by Deoxys [Fiction MA] August 10, 2013
    Ash and May stayed at a Seven Star hotel 'The Night Before Wallace Cup.' Hi I'm Zoey, a Pokemon Coordinator from the Sinnoh region. Ever wondered what happened that night? If you did. This story is for you. Read and Review my transcription of what happened that night.
  • A Conference and a Double Wedding by BlackFalcon [Fiction M] July 12, 2013
    Sequel to Sheltie's Princess Salvia one shot in her "Ketchum Girls" series. Read that one-shot first so that you understand the background. Shows what happens if Princess Salvia got pregnant from her time with Ash. He will be smarter and not dense about sex or relationships in this story. Ash will also have Aura and it will be mentioned.
  • The World Pokemon Conference by BlackFalcon [Fiction T] July 4, 2013
    After coming home from Unova, Ash disappears with his old childhood friend Leaf for three years to get ready for the World Pokemon Tournament, held once every ten years. How will their friends and family react when they see them again at the conference?
  • Legend of the Dragon Lord: Kanto by BlackFalcon [Fiction T] February 16, 2013
    “Legend of the Dragon Lord: Kanto” is a story that is AU. Ash has Bianca as his girlfriend and Latias and Latios as his two starters (how he meets them will be explained in the story), and he's determined to become the number one dragon trainer because of them. Aura/Psychic/Smart Ash Mareshipping with hints of one-way Altoshipping
  • Training the Guardian by BlackFalcon [Fiction T] January 22, 2013
    After losing to Tobias in the Sinnoh League semi-finals, Ash accepts Cynthia's offer to become her apprentice so that he can become stronger. What happens next and can Ash somehow confess how he feels towards her? Starts after Ash and Conway's battle in DP185 but before he calls Professor Oak. AU after that point. Smart/Pyschic/Aura Ash with two se
  • Great Storm by 7thHorsemanK [Fiction MA] January 9, 2013
    When Ash Ketchum a nineteen year old goes to a strange city called Black City to compete in a strange competition what will transpire from this incident and what does it have to do with this talk about a child of the prophecy?
  • Love In Sinnoh by BlackFalcon [Fiction MA] December 11, 2012
    My take on Ash's adventures in Sinnoh. This is a Pearlshipping story with also Abilityshipping added later. Also my take on what the teams should have been and yes Brock fans he is in this too. (Original author: Zombyra)
  • Debt Repaid by BlackFalcon [Fiction MA] November 29, 2012
    Zoroark hates leaving debts unpaid and has no idea how to repay Ash for taking such good care of her little Zorua. However, that night after stopping Kodai, she gets a wicked idea when Ash's hand wanders a bit... Read and Review! (Original author: Talon Dragonborn of FF.Net, posted here with permission)
  • Guardian Prince of Aura by BlackFalcon [Fiction T] November 14, 2012
    What if Ash was really adopted by Delia, and his true parents were Sir Aaron and Queen Rin? What if Delia beat Ash on a regular basis, and finally after he found out that he was the Chosen One, all the Legendaries rescued Ash and took him and his Pokemon to live and train with his real parents? What would happen next? - AU after Orange Islands Smart!Ash

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  • I’m Back, Baby! September 25, 2013
    I’m off of hiatus, and will begin working on WP-Fanfiction again in the next few weeks. As there have been changes to WordPress over the past year, and my own skills have improved, I plan to review my work up till now, and revamp as necessary. And then continue to forge on. Thank you for […]
  • On Hiatus April 22, 2013
    Coding on the WP-Fanfiction plugin is on hiatus for the near future. Real life is just taking too much of my time to be able to focus on this right now. Please feel free to continue to make suggestions/comments/etc in the forum, and I will implement what I can, once I have some time to […]
  • Current Status November 27, 2012
    Okay, so I admit to being slower than I had hoped — sorry! But real life has been hitting me hard, so my time to work on WP-Fanfiction has been limited. I’m back in the saddle again, though. Currently I’m finishing some odds and ends on the frontend display, and will be moving over to […]
  • Latest Update July 9, 2012
    Programming on the WP-Fanfiction plugin is coming along nicely; all my time so far has been spent on the WordPress admin/backend aspects of it, which I expect to be done with in the next week or two, and then will be moving on to the front end. I’d really like to encourage anyone visiting to […]
  • WordPress Fanfiction Plugin — Coming Soon! May 11, 2012
    You may know me — I’m the original author of eFiction. I handed it over to others to develop a while back, and I know that a lot of fanfiction archives use it to this day. There are a few downsides to using eFiction nowadays, though: it hasn’t been updated in a while it doesn’t […]