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I’ve added Polls to the Forums

Hey fan fiction lovers,

I’ve got some great news for you all! I’ve added Polls to the Forums here, so if you want your readers to vote on something for one of your stories, you can create a poll in a new topic and get feedback that way! 😉

Since I can’t set up polls in your writing profiles, this will have to do. I’m also hoping to integrate the writing and forum profiles here one day so that there is just one profile for each member instead of two. I’m not a programmer, so this is something that the donations will have to cover of course.

I’ve also added moderation tools for the staff in the forums to help enforce the few rules the site has. If you want to help moderate the forums, follow the rules and be a helpful member and if I like what I see, I’ll contact you to join the volunteers here.

Happy reading and writing of fan fiction folks and have a nice day!

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