Chapter 1: Intertances and Meetings

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With that being said, welcome to my first story that I’m posting here to this archive. Please enjoy and your feedback is welcome, but flames will be shot into the sun. Also, unlike canon, Harry’s paternal grandparents are Charlus and Dorea (Black) Potter.


Chapter Start

Harry was resting in the park. You would think he was only four or five, but he was seven due to the abuse he suffered from his relatives. He was resting after successfully managing to outrun his cousin Dudley and his gang, one of the few times he had managed to do so in his life. Looking up, he saw an owl with a capital golden G on its breast flying towards him.

When the owl landed next to Harry on the bench and stuck out its leg at him, he saw there was a rolled up piece of paper tied to the owl’s leg. ‘A most unusual way of sending letters,’ Harry thought to himself as he took the letter off the owl’s leg and opened it.

“Mr. Harry James Potter, It has come to our attention that your parents’ wills were not executed properly and that you might not have received prior communications from us. This letter is a portkey to our bank, so that we may go over your parents’ wills and your inheritance(s). It will bring you to us as soon as you say ‘Portkey Activate’. Looking forward to meeting you, Ragnarok, High King of Goblins and Account Manager.”

Looking up from reading the letter, he saw that the owl had already taken off. “Nothing ventured is nothing gained,” Harry said to himself, “Portkey Activate!” He then felt a hook grabbing him by his navel and pull him away from the park to a place unknown.


[Two minutes later, Gringotts London branch, Main Lobby]

“Oof!” exclaimed Harry as he was dropped onto the floor of what appeared to be a bank lobby. Getting up and clutching the letter that had been sent to him, he walked over to one of the open tellers. “Greetings noble goblin, my letter says that I need to see my parents’ wills and my inheritance or inheritances. I believe I am to see your high king, Ragnarok?”

“May I see your letter?” the goblin asked him, so Harry handed it over. “Yes indeed, Mr. Potter. You need to see Ragnarok right away, as he left specific instructions with all the tellers to your arrival that you were to be sent to see him as soon as you arrived here, no matter the time. Griphook, take Mr. Potter to see Ragnarok immediately! Just follow him and you’ll arrive at his office, Mr. Potter.”

“Thank you very much,” Harry thanked the teller before following the named Griphook through the halls and passageways to a set of golden doors. Leaving behind stunned goblins as a wizard or witch had never been as polite as Harry was with them before. Griphook knocked then called out in a language that Harry didn’t recognize.

After a voice called out in the language from inside the office, Griphook turned to him and said, “Ragnarok is ready to see you now, Mr. Potter. Just enter through these doors and present yourself to him.”

“Thank you for showing me the way, Griphook,” Harry thanked the goblin and entered the office, leaving behind a shocked and pleased Griphook. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, High King Ragnarok,” he said as he stood before the king’s desk.

“The pleasure is all mine, Mr. Potter, or should I call you Harry? Please have a seat,” the high king said, impressed by Harry’s manners.

Sitting down he replied, “I would prefer if you called me Harry if you are my account manager, sir. Your letter said you needed to see me about my parents’ wills and my inheritance  or inheritances ?”

“Indeed Harry and you may call me Ragnarok when we are here in private, else call me King Ragnarok. I am your family’s account manager, but before we go any farther, I will need to do a small test to make sure you are Harry James Potter,” the goblin king told him.

“What is this test?” Harry asked curiously.

“It’s a simple goblin blood test, which will reveal your name, birthdate, parents, abilities, and inheritance or inheritances you are due. All I need is for you to cut your hand with this goblin knife and let the blood flow into this cup. When it has collected enough blood for the test, your cut will be healed automatically by magic. Understand this?” Ragnarok asked the young child.

“Yes sir, I do. Let’s begin,” Harry replied before taking the knife and cutting his other hand before turning the cut hand over the cup that Ragnarok had indicated. A few moments later, Harry felt a tingling on his hand and when the goblin motioned him to move his hand away, the cut was healed. Parchment with words on it began to spew out beneath the cup for a few moments before stopping. “So what are the results, Ragnarok?”

“Let’s take a look together, shall we?” the goblin king replied putting the parchment down so that both could read it. It said:


Name: Hadrian James Potter (Pendragon)

Date of Birth: July 31, 1980

Father: James Charles Potter (deceased, October 31, 1981)

Mother: Lily Marie Potter nee. Evans (deceased, October 31, 1981)

Abilities: Magic (core blocked 80% by ABWPD), Parseltongue (language unblocked, parselmagic blocked by ABWPD), Animagus (form unknown and blocked by ABWPD), Soul Anchor (of TMR)

Inheritances : Ancient and Royal House of Pendragon/Potter (blood, paternal, head), Ancient and Noble House of Black (blood, paternal via grandmother, heir), Ancient and Noble House of Slytherin (rite of conquest/magic, head), Royal House of Windsor (blood, paternal via great-great-grandmother, member)

Other notes related to the person tested: A marriage contract between Black and Parkinson has become activated. Please see the contract for the full details.


Harry after reading it asked, “Ragnarok is it normal for abilities to be blocked, and what’s a soul anchor?”

A shaken Ragnarok replied, “It is illegal to do this, and a soul anchor is otherwise known as a Horcrux, a piece of the darkest and most foul magic known to all magical beings. We are able to able remove these illegal bindings and that soul anchor if you wish. It would be advisable to do so before taking up the rings or listening to your parents’ wills and from your appearance, we can also heal the abuse you have been suffering at your relatives, your highness.”

“May we do that right away and how hard is it to create one of those anchors? It would be nice, and please keep calling me Harry when we are in private, Ragnarok,” Harry said to the goblin king.

“May I call you Hadrian instead, as that is your real name?” the royal goblin asked his wizard counterpart.

“Of course, and it is possible via magic to change my name? I’d like my official name to be Hadrian James Pendragon-Slytherin,” the newly discovered royal wizard asked. Ragnarok nodded and passed him a piece of parchment. “I do declare in the name of magic that my name is now Hadrian James Pendragon-Slytherin, so mote it be.” A pulse of magic emitted from the newly renamed Hadrian, sealing the new name to all documents with his name on it.

“Congrats Hadrian, now follow me to our medical wing to get those blocks and that soul anchor removed from you before we heal your abused body. To answer your previous question about the difficulty to make a soul anchor, it is not that hard – you just need to do a ritual that involves murdering someone in cold blood. Why do you ask?” Ragnarok said before leading Hadrian out of the office.

[A few hours later, back in the office]

After Ragnarok and Hadrian had sat back down, the goblin said, “I’m glad you got us to check and see if that bastard made more than one soul anchor, especially since he murdered your parents and there was another one in one of our vaults! Also, the royal family and the Parkinson family have been notified – the royal family because you were abused by your former Muggle caretakers who are unfortunately related to you and the fact that you are still underage and need a guardian until at least the age of fifteen, and the Parkinsons due to the marriage contract being activated.”

“Can you tell me who I’m contracted to marry since obviously, the marriage contract affects me?” Hadrian asked.

“I have the contract in question right here as well as your headship rings for Pendragon and Slytherin, and the heir ring for Black. According to this, your future wife for the Ancient and Noble House of Black is named Pansy, and she is your age,” Ragnarok replied before barking at the door when knocking was heard, “Enter!”

A goblin walked in, bowed, and stated, “My liege, Prince Charles is here to see you as well as Lord and Lady Parkinson with their daughter. Shall I bring them here to your office?”

“What do you think, Prince Hadrian? Ready to meet your royal relative and future in-laws and wife?” asked the king goblin.

“I’m ready to meet them here if you are willing to have the meeting here, King Ragnarok,” the prince answered.

“Go and bring them to my office immediately,” Ragnarok directed to the goblin who left to carry out his king’s order. “Speaking of the Goblin Nation Hadrian, I would like to re-establish the ancient vows of friends and allies between us. If we do that, then I can do the old tradition of assigning you some guards if you would be willing to have them. Of course, you need to put on the rings first before we can do that.”

Hadrian nodded and said, “I would be glad to re-establish such bonds myself. Do I need to state anything when I place the rings on?”

“No, the rings will recognize your magic and accept you and then automatically resize to fit your finger and combine if you are the rightful heir, which from the test, we know you are,” the goblin stated before opening the ring boxes and placing them in front of Hadrian.

‘Let’s do this then!” he exclaimed before placing the Pendragon ring on his left ring finger after seeing the goblin nod that was the correct finger. It flashed then resized to fit, and the same routine followed for the others except they combined with the Pendragon ring.

“Excellent, now to show a specific ring, you just need to think about showing it and the appropriate ring will show on your finger. If you don’t trust someone enough, no ring will show up on your finger unless you wish it to,” explained Ragnarok. “Now I can officially swear that as long as I live and am king of the Goblin Nation, we will be friends and allies with the Magical United Kingdom as long as Hadrian James Pendragon-Slytherin lives and rules. So mote it be!”

“I accept your oath and swear the same, as long as I am the ruler of the Magical United Kingdom there will be friendship and alliance with the Goblin Nation. So mote it be!” Hadrian swore and then a bright light filled the room for a brief couple of seconds showing the oath had been accepted by magic. Just as the light had faded away, there came a knock on the door.

“Prince Charles and the Parkinson family to see you and Prince Hadrian, my king,” called out the goblin from earlier.

“Show them in and then notify the chief of security I need to speak with him,” Ragnarok called out to the goblin who immediately led in four people, bowed to Ragnarok, and then left to fulfill his next order. “Prince Charles, Lord, Lady, and Miss Parkinson, a pleasure to meet you all again,” Ragnarok greeted the new people.

“It’s a pleasure to see you as well, King Ragnarok. I suppose this is Hadrian, my distant cousin?” the Prince of Wales replied.

“Indeed and I hope your people will mete out justice to his abusers, your royal highness?” the goblin king replied.

“Upon receiving and reading your letter from your owl, my mother immediately set in motion the necessary things to punish those people most severely and to make Hadrian a ward of my family, since she felt her duties would not let her raise Hadrian herself. By the end of today, my wife and I will have full wardship and I can take him home with me if that is alright with Hadrian?” asked Charles.

Seeing Ragnarok nod at him, Hadrian replied, “That’s great and I’m grateful your highness though these are the only clothes I have at the moment.”

The prince smiled kindly at Hadrian and replied, “Then my wife and I will have to take you shopping for clothes tomorrow, both magical and non-magical.”

“Pardon your royal highness, but I hope that Hadrian can get to know my daughter more, as they are betrothed,” stated Lord Parkinson.

“That will not be a problem for me, though as I understand magical law, Hadrian will need to marry two more women besides your daughter as he is the head or heir of three houses,” replied the Prince of Wales.

Lady Parkinson replied, “Forgive my husband for being so blunt, but we expected someone else to be our daughter’s husband as we thought someone else was the heir to the Black Family – a Draco Malfoy to be precise.”

Lord Parkinson asked Ragnarok, “How is the fact that Hadrian is the next heir of the Blacks?”

“Lord Parkinson, his paternal grandmother was a Black, so the Black family blood and magic have been in the Pendragon family longer than the Malfoy family, as only Narcissa Malfoy-Black, her son, and Prince Hadrian are members of the Blacks other than Lord Sirius Black and Bellatrix Lestrange-Black,” Ragnarok replied. “Also, Lord Black is Hadrian’s godfather by means of the godfather oath and has named his godson his primary heir in his will. Since we received no record of a trial and conviction and there is an unbroken oath-bond between the two, Hadrian will be the next Black Head after Sirius Black despite the latter being in Azkaban.”

“No trial and conviction record?” asked Charles.

“None and magic automatically will update our records with trials and their results so we can do fines automatically. Our records show no trial, just an imprisonment of Sirius Orion Black, the Black Head even though he hasn’t taken up his ring yet,” replied the goblin king.

“Something sounds fishy to me. I’ll let my mother know when we get home tonight and we’ll have an answer by the end of the month,” declared Prince Charles upon which Hadrian and the Parkinsons smiled.

“If justice has been mis-served for my godfather, I know the queen will fix it,” declared Hadrian. “Ragnarok, can I see my parents wills now?”

“Not until you order Albus Dumbledore, the Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot, to unseal them or you turn eleven,” the goblin king replied.

“Sealing the wills of people who have royal blood or who married into royal blood is illegal,” noted Lady Parkinson causing the men to frown.

“I can ask the queen to send him a notice saying he has thirty days to unseal the will or be arrested for illegally sealing a will,” offered Charles.

“Please do so, as I believe their wills should have been read and acted upon within a certain time period of their death,” requested Hadrian.

“The time period is a maximum of ninety days unless a will has been sealed, though thirty is the norm except when situations are less than ideal,” stated Ragnarok. “If that is everything, then perhaps you could arrange a meeting next between your two families at one of your two homes? Prince Charles, I have to tell you that a squad of goblin guards will be accompanying you and Hadrian home due to an ancient oath of friendship and loyalty between the Goblin Nation and the Pendragons who once ruled all of Britain, and who still rule the Magical United Kingdom under the current Monarch. Hadrian will be crowned king on his seventeenth birthday.”

After thanking Ragnarok for his time and everything that he had learned, Hadrian left with his new goblin guards and Prince Charles for his new life.

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