Site Guidelines

These are the guidelines we ask all of our members to abide by as they use our site. Follow them or we will be forced to terminate your account.

  • No flaming or spamming – instant ban here if cause doing so.
  • Post in the forums as accurately as possible (and try to post in subforums when available, and suggest new ones if they aren’t available yet).
  • Mark your fanfiction correctly with the ratings, so that younger readers shall be warned before accessing content not suited for them!
  • Mark adult topics in the forums with the [NSFW} tag, please!
  • Respect each other and the staff.
  • No posting hacks, wares, or other illegal content here. Your account will be terminated, and you will be reported to the authorities.
  • Don’t post others fanfics here without their permission to do so.
  • Challenges are to be posted only in the forums and with the [Challenge] tag to let people know it is a challenge thread.

These guidelines are subject to addition, modification, and/or removal at any time with a notice being placed in the news on the front page.

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